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L@@K ma, no hands!

L@@K ma, no hands!



What can be said about “resort food”!!!  Not much, it’s food and nothing else.  Here’s the deal with the cafeteria/eatery food with Ski Liberty.  Hey listen, I dont’ mind paying $5 for a footlong at Subway, as a matter of fact, I think that it’s beautiful that one can get away with buying lunch for two for only $5.00.  However,  I do expect better and bigger portions if i’m going to pay $8.29 for a 6″ sandwich…prepared by some college freshmen who never stepped foot in front of a cooktop before they got the job exactly three weeks ago!  How the hell do they get away with this….actually I do know the answer… Traditional American food is quite easy to prepare.  here’s how:

1.  put presliced pieces of meat between two slices of bread.  overlap two slices of cheese. don’t forget to squeeze out some premade sauce.  wala! a nice $8.29 sandwich.

2. open freezer, pour contents of plastic bag into basket strainer, hit the button that says “start timer”, lower basket into the liquid (hot oil)…. when the things goes “beep beep”, take out basket and dump contents into tray, add salt … walla! a nice $3.99 (smaller than McDonald’s medium) french fries.

If there was a McDonald’s  (sorry, but if you’re above 18 you should not go here, unless you’re accompanying kids to get them a happy meal), Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Checkers, Burger King or any other fast food joint within a mile of this location, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere as I’ll get my money’s worth.  Or pack me a PBJ and donate $18 to support the needy kids you see on TV all the time.

….so, the bottom line is, the food is not bad here.  They’re ALMOST on par in quality if you compared them to your major fast food chains (except for BK, Taco Bell, Roy Rogers and Checkers).  I just have a hard time swallowing the $8.29 – philly cheesesteak and $3.99 – 3 oz. fries even with the help of a $2.19  – 16 oz. fountain soda. 

but on the other hand… you can’t beat their prices on ski equipment rentals and lift tickets… and they’re only 60-70 minutes away from the Rockville, Bethesda area!!!!  don’t forget that you’re there to ski/snowboard and not there for the food.

visit www.skiliberty.com for more info.


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