L@@K ma, no hands!

L@@K ma, no hands!



What can be said about “resort food”!!!  Not much, it’s food and nothing else.  Here’s the deal with the cafeteria/eatery food with Ski Liberty.  Hey listen, I dont’ mind paying $5 for a footlong at Subway, as a matter of fact, I think that it’s beautiful that one can get away with buying lunch for two for only $5.00.  However,  I do expect better and bigger portions if i’m going to pay $8.29 for a 6″ sandwich…prepared by some college freshmen who never stepped foot in front of a cooktop before they got the job exactly three weeks ago!  How the hell do they get away with this….actually I do know the answer… Traditional American food is quite easy to prepare.  here’s how:

1.  put presliced pieces of meat between two slices of bread.  overlap two slices of cheese. don’t forget to squeeze out some premade sauce.  wala! a nice $8.29 sandwich.

2. open freezer, pour contents of plastic bag into basket strainer, hit the button that says “start timer”, lower basket into the liquid (hot oil)…. when the things goes “beep beep”, take out basket and dump contents into tray, add salt … walla! a nice $3.99 (smaller than McDonald’s medium) french fries.

If there was a McDonald’s  (sorry, but if you’re above 18 you should not go here, unless you’re accompanying kids to get them a happy meal), Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Checkers, Burger King or any other fast food joint within a mile of this location, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere as I’ll get my money’s worth.  Or pack me a PBJ and donate $18 to support the needy kids you see on TV all the time.

….so, the bottom line is, the food is not bad here.  They’re ALMOST on par in quality if you compared them to your major fast food chains (except for BK, Taco Bell, Roy Rogers and Checkers).  I just have a hard time swallowing the $8.29 – philly cheesesteak and $3.99 – 3 oz. fries even with the help of a $2.19  – 16 oz. fountain soda. 

but on the other hand… you can’t beat their prices on ski equipment rentals and lift tickets… and they’re only 60-70 minutes away from the Rockville, Bethesda area!!!!  don’t forget that you’re there to ski/snowboard and not there for the food.

visit www.skiliberty.com for more info.



Mmmmmmm yum yum !!!! Even though we try to eat healthy foods as much as we can, we feel like we can treat ourselves every now and then. So we went on a joy ride last Saturday and stopped  at this gas station (one of the biggest gas station we’ve been to).  They have/displayed these Krispy Kreme donuts, they looked soooo yummy…so we end up buying one for each. Boy they were goooddddd; just melts in your mouth…far better than Dunkin Donuts (we’ve always likened Krispy Kreme over Dunkin Donuts). We are not a big fan of jelly filled donuts, sprinkles, chocolate glaze and such: We like to call these “Fancy Donuts”.  Just the plain ole ” Original glazed” tickles our tastes buds best.  Even though the nutritional facts were heart breaking, we still think it was worth it. So we keep aside the nutritional facts and had a guilt free doughnuts.

Do you realise that Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts spell their doughnuts/donuts differently????

Just add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Just add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil

So, we’ve been attending this Health Seminar at the Rockville SDA Church in Maryland.  What an eye opening educational experience it has been.  It will be hard to even relay some of the things that Dr. Don Kelly has taught us.  Lucky for me, I love my green leafs!

Good fer the rice lovers

Brown Rice - Good fer the rice lovers

Helpful facts:

1.  Vegetable proteins lower LDL and increases HDL. Meat protein does the opposite.

2.  Bell peppers contain more vitamin C than a citrus fruit!!!

3.  Meals high in fiber will make you lose weight.  Stop counting carbs…it’s not smart!

4.  You can stuff yourself to a foolish oblivion with leafy greens and not gain weight!

more on this….

Anywho, let’s talk about Minerva Restaurant, 16240 Frederick Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877.  www.minervacuisine.com

Every now and then you need to feed your cravings, you can’t eat healthy all the time right!  So we decided this Indian lunch buffett restaurant.  We’d often go to this place when we feel like eating good southern indian food.  I don’t recall any “bad” experiences in the past.  We were amazed the first time we were there with the quantity of the food, and was even more amazed at the quality of the food.  Heres is the normal breakdown of the buffet menu:

1.  Green salad – normally premixed with dressing

2.  Three to four kinds of chutney/condiments – tomato, tamarind, mint, coconut and sometimes even more.

3.  More fresh condiments:  sliced cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, lime/lemon, etc.

4.  Raita:  pourable yogurt with very minimal herbage for decoration. Sometimes I see the occassional grated/shredded carrots.  This stuff is good!

5.  Naan, Pakora, idli, dosa, sometimes more varieties



6.  Sambar, dal.

Dal - lentil soup

Dal - lentil soup

7.  Vegetarian dishes:  egg curry, aloo (potato) curry, spinach curry, paneer (cheese) masala..minimum of five vegetarian dishes.

8.  Non-veg: Butter chicken, tandoori chicken, lamb curry, mutton (goat) curry, shrimp masala…minimum of four selections.

Chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala

9.  Rice – biryani (something fried rice), and regular white rice.



10.  Dessert:  Rasmalai, Rosagula, gulab jamun…. a minimum of three selections.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

The waiters are always quite nice to everyone.  The only complain about this place is — get a bigger space!  Don’t know how many patrons it accomodates, but it’s always crowded YET worth the wait.  Never had dinner there (no intentions either).  Price is approximately $11/person and slightly higher on weekends.  Lunch buffet runs daily.  M-F 11 – 2 or maybe 3.  Sat and Sun:  12PM open time. If you like south indian foods this IS the place to eat.  The plentiful selection of dishes to me are the main draw.  We normally stay away from indian meat dishes except for lamb or goat . . . nothing against the other meats.  Suggestion:  Don’t try all the dishes in one visit, save them for your next!  Also, if you’re in a rush you can buy the food by the pound (i think it’s around $5.99/lb – not worth it).  When you’re done with your meal and you need to rush back to your office, just get up and pay the cashier by the entrance. No need to wait for the waiter to come with your check.

Food:  4/5

Decor: 3/5

Parking: 3/5

Staff:  4/5

Enjoy this place as they serve great food.  They also have a traditional dinner menu, go to their website to find out more.

So today is Friday!



Lazily got out of bed extremely late!  Girl already left for work.  “maybe i should call off today” was the first thing in my mind.  But knowing that I have monday off stopped me from making the “i dont feel good, i think i might just stay at home today” call.  Anywho, there’s a Chili Cook-off today at work.  Kinda excited to see how my co-workers  cook their damn chilies.  There are a few categories for the trophies:  Spiciest, Best overall, etc etc etc.  I just don’t care about the other categories.  In my mind, there should be only one:  Spiciest yet edible.  Chili = pepper.  Pepper = spicy.  Most of the time anyway right?  Will try to update on this topic later.

This is our first entry!!!  Yay us!  We really want to keep this blog about food in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  Restaurants in general.  Each week, a new restaurant will be reviewed…but if we don’t go out the week, coverage will be on home cooking.